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Jeffrey P. Nadler - Online Memorial Website

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Jeffrey Nadler
Born in United States
60 years
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Dr. Eknath Naik MD, PhD December 2, 2010
I am shocked and very saddened to hear the news. I remember meeting Jeff in late 2000 and becoming an instant lifelong admirer of him.  We traveled to India almost every year to teach HIV medicine to Indian Physicians through CHART-India Center until he left for NIH.  In spite of hectic schedules and multiple stops in different cities in India, he used to be fresh and energetic. In the process, I learned a lot about HIV management listening to his every lecture while  on the tour. He was instrumental in developing the HIV Medicine program in SVYM, an NGO in South India, which has now been recognized as a model HIV prevention program by the Government of India. Jeff was so impressed and touched by their dedication that he often donated his time and money to them.
I have lost a great teacher and friend.
Kristy USF COM Staff November 29, 2010
Although I never had a chance to meet you, I have witnessed the great work you have done and the many lives you have touched. I have heard what a wonderful, compassionate, and caring man you were and I wish I could have met you. I pray that the Lord uplifts the spirits of your family and friends. I know you are in a more peaceful place, and that you will forever live on in their hearts and minds.
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