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Jeffrey P. Nadler - Online Memorial Website

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Jeffrey Nadler
Born in United States
60 years
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Asim Jani Dep. Director, CDC Prev Med Resid & Fellowship April 24, 2011

Was so shocked to learn belatedly of Jeff's passing. Ever since the mid 80's when I was finishing up medical school at USF in Tampa and later an Infectious Diseases Fellow ('93-'95), I was awed by Jeff's brilliance, compassion, and seemingly endless wealth of clinical medicine, public health, scientific research and infectious diseases knowledge, especially HIV/AIDS. Considering him a valuable mentor in life from the start, I tried my best to emulate him, especially his wonderful ability to be so incredibly articlulate whenever he spoke on patient care matters in the clinic or scientific data in the lecture hall or any topic in any venue. Though we had unfortunately lost touch over the years, it was always a joy to reconnect and learn of the next milestone in his illustrious and prolific career as clinician, teacher, researcher, public health advocate, author, presenter, and mentor to so many.

I recall an intimate dinner with him and Connie years ago, when I had learned of this trekking through the Himalayas and his passion for nature and the outdoors. Both of them were the most beloved of hosts and it was so evident from spending that evening with them how great their friendship, love and unity were. I know that he truly touched countless lives, here and abroad. Through his scholarship and friendship, he contributed to the professional and personal lives of so many colleagues and students all over the world. We will all miss him for all he was and represented and at the same time, take heart in having known him, learned and laughed with him and be so touched by his glowing energetic presence and smiling the clinic, on the wards, and in the classroom.  His life cut short while still so youthful in spirit and form, may Connie and the family forever be graced with the greatest of peace as they grieve and heal and transcend from this event.  He will for me always remain such a living inspiration and beacon for excellence in all that he did in life in the service of others.

Shanti, shanti, shanti...

Asim A. Jani MD MPH FACP

Dr. Alok Vashishtha M.D. Will you miss you December 7, 2010

Will miss you Dr. Naddler. Learnt HIV Medicine from you and using the knowledge and skill taught by you at a place called Haridwar in Norhern India. Will remember you as a perfect gentleman and a great teacher. Saw photograph of mine with you and Dr. Sinott on this memorial site and remebered the day when this photograph was taken. You will inspire me whole life with your passion and dedication for HIV/AIDS.  

Dr.S.Rajendra Prasad MD December 3, 2010
I am deeply shocked to hear the news. He was my Guru in the field of HIV medicine. I still remember the interactions we had while discussing about the patients whenever he visited SVYM. We also discussed a lot through e-mails. I have lost a good teacher and a friend. Regards,
Dr. John Sinnott MD, FACP December 2, 2010
I am terribly saddened by the passing of Dr. Nadler. Jeff was an inspiration to colleagues, patients, friends and everyone who knew him. His dedication and passion for HIV/AIDS research is unsurpassed. He will be greatly missed. No one has had a greater influence on my knowledge of HIV or my understanding of mankinds greatest epidemic. Jeff was an inspiration for generations of ID physicians.
Fr. Joe Kripa Team December 2, 2010
This news of Dr Nadler's death is so shocking and sad. He inaugurated Kripa AIDS and VRACS. His name stands on the Marble at the entrance next to the slab of the Inauguration of Vasai Kripa By Mother Teresa. Please convey our heartfelt condolence to Connie. We would love to have her visit us so that we could have a Memorial service with the VRACS community. Tomorrow I shall offer the Communty Mass at Kripa for Jeff and speak on his love for the HIV infected.

Fr.Joe and the Kripa Family
Dr. Shashi Menon MD December 2, 2010

Dear Connie,
Please accept my heart-felt condolences on Jeff leaving us in this life.

You may not remember me, but I was one of the Kripa Team who was privileged to be invited by you and Jeff to your lovely home.
And then met you again during your India visit and Vasai stay where you shared your views with us through your photo journalism and your words.

I came to know of Jeff in the 1990s as an icon in clinical research and the HIV world. I count the opportunities of meeting and sharing time with Jeff, some of the really blessed moments in my life. So generous, so humble and so caring for all those around him.

His approach to HIV and the way it affected this world led me to believe that HIV had given us an opportunity to revisit our Humanity and as medical professionals, to rediscover our ethics. His address to the Vasai Council during a teleconference left them in deep introspection as he shared his world vision on how medicare needed to extend to 'Human Care', and especially in the context of the HIV epidemic.

Jeff shared his valuable thoughts with me on a few occasions and I will always treasure them. While just a couple of months older, I feel the loss of a spiritual brother and mentor. He seemed a bit ill and easily tired when we last met, and I am convinced that his spiritual side helped him through these last few years.

We could not meet in the recent past due to our varied activities, but just thinking of him and referring to his views always made me feel inspired and motivated. I do not think that will ever change. Jeff was my reference and mentor when I had a difficult task to conduct for the CRS International and the Government of Cambodia, at Phnon Penh in 2008 and 2009.

Connie, I recognised a very strong personality when I met you. I believe your inner strengths and the Grace of the Almighty will support you. Our love and good wishes are with you in this very disturbing time.

Yours affectionately,


Shashi Menon MD December 2, 2010

Please accept my heartfelt condolences at the loss of your long time friend and colleague.

I personally feel the loss of a great clinician, researcher and Humanist. To me, Jeff was a great spiritual source and mentor. His guidance helped me immensely. Please know that the Kripa Family and all those who had the opportunity to meet and interact with Jeff will sorely miss his presence.

My greetings to the USF-CHART Team.

With regards and best wishes.

Yogesh Marfatia MD December 2, 2010

I am extremely sorry that we have lost our beloved Dr. Nadler. I had many occasions to deliberate with him. He used to deliver lectures at Baroda Medical College under the CHART program. His talks were always well received. When I came to USF for fellowship in HIV medicine in the year 2003,We learned a lot from him. I had a chance to enjoy his hospitality when we were invited for dinner at his residence. I shall always remember him as a teacher and a clinician of the highest caliber and a noble person.


Dr. Balasubramanya MD December 2, 2010
I am sorry. We send our condolenses. We have lost a friend, and a mentor.  He was a great source of support. We hope Mrs. Coney is healthy. I pray for her to be bestowed with the courage and strength to bear this loss.
Dr. Robert G. Brooks MD December 2, 2010
Very saddened to hear the news.  Although I never had the chance to work directly with Jeff, I did get to talk to him each time I went up to attend the NIAID Advisory Board meeting over the last 4 years.  Even though his disability was becoming more evident and wearing on him, he always maintained a positive attitude, trying to advance HIV/AIDS research in his area of expertise right up until the end. 
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